If you are a motivated and career-driven individual eager to grow, achieve more and put your previous experience and knowledge into practice in the world of work, HSBC is the right place for you. In return for your diligence, hard work and valuable input, we will offer you a wide range of benefits, career opportunities and career development prospects.

Job opportunities/internships

Currently we do not have any job vacancies. Please visit our website on a regular basis to find new job vacancy announcements. However, if you would like to send us your information, please complete the HSBC Application Form and send it to:

Job Title Department Opening Date Closing Date Contract Terms
Credit Documentation Manager Credit Services Department 05 June 2018 10 June 2018 Permanent
Credit Documentation Officer Credit Services Department 05 June 2018 10 June 2018 Permanent
Credit Operations Manager Credit Services Department 05 June 2018 10 June 2018 Permanent
Head of Credit Services Credit Services Department 05 June 2018 10 June 2018 Permanent

Benefits of working for HSBC

Employees benefit from a wide range of advantages, such as medical insurance, staff banking, competitive salaries, personal, professional growth and flexible working opportunities.

Medical insurance

Medical insurance is available to all permanent and temporary employees.


HSBC offers competitive salaries and performance-based incentive schemes.

Flexible working

Flexible working is a unique benefit that HSBC provides to all its employees with the aim of allowing people to have healthy and productive work-life balance and help the bank to become the preferred employer of choice

Personal and professional growth

We provide training and development such as the Group Leadership Capabilities scheme, Global Talent Management Strategy, coaching, mentoring and Personal Development Plans. We develop our staff as experts in each of our fields of excellence, meeting our customers’ diverse requirements to the highest possible standards.

Tips for applicants

We are looking for talented, highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals who:

  • Are confident and prepared to take on early responsibility
  • Are willing to put in the hours and the hard work as well as enjoy the subsequent rewards
  • Have the desire and commitment to make a difference
  • Want to work for HSBC

We welcome applicants from all career and educational backgrounds; however in an environment as diverse as ours, professional knowledge, as well as fluency in Armenian, English and Russian are important.

Please remember that your application is our first contact with you. Getting your application right is more important than getting it in first, so follow the steps below to make sure yours is as good as it can be.

What is the role about?

Research the role you are applying for. Review the role profile carefully, the job responsibilities and required qualifications needed for high-level performance.

Assess your skills

Review your current skills and experience against the role profile to gain an accurate view of your strengths and possible areas for development.

Is this role for me?

Give genuine thought as to whether this is the right role, making sure it fits with your skills, interest and personal motivation in the short and longer term. Try to avoid simply applying for a role to escape the one you are in. You, as well as the recruiting manager, need to know there is a genuine interest and fit.

Application form

If you have gone through the steps above and still feel this is the right role for you, you will need to complete an HSBC Application Form carefully filling in all the required fields.


Complete all the sections in English where there is a requirement to do so, otherwise your application will not be processed.

Your professional profile

Try to give as much information as possible about yourself (your skills, motivation, experience, long and short-term ambitions, interests, benefits, etc.). Make sure your answers are relevant. Many people fall down at this stage because they do not answer the question(s) asked, or do not give enough information.

Substantiate your willingness to work with us

Some of our questions ask you to describe what would be your contribution to HSBC Bank Armenia and what would be the benefits of working at HSBC for yourself. There are points allocated for each of these answers. Do not concentrate on one and ignore the others.

Clear and brief

Keep your answers informative but concise. We have included a word count for some of the responses. Your answer should be close to, but not more than the word count quoted. Please clearly state the roles you are interested in.

Send your completed Application Form to as this is the only official e-mail address allocated for job vacancies, all other e-mail recipients bear no responsibility to respond to your e-mail regarding employment matters.

Candidate selection process

Application submission

After you have successfully submitted your Application Form via you will receive an acknowledgment notification from our Human Resources department. If you do not receive notice of receipt from us, it means HSBC has not received any application from you.

Application assessment

Once we receive your application form, we will assess it against our requirements and criteria. If we do not contact you by the date committed in our notice of receipt, it means that your application was not successful.

The e-mail from HSBC

Those applicants who were successful will be contacted via e-mail with an invite to participate in our tests/interviews. Those applicants should advise us via e-mail whether they "accept" or "reject" our invitation.


Our numerical reasoning test aims to measure your skills, such as logical thinking, detail orientation, speed, English language knowledge through evaluation of text passages, ability to use charts and graphs, competence to work with numbers, time management, etc.


If you pass the numerical reasoning test successfully we will invite you for interview(s) unless there is a need to participate in specialised tests which will measure the level of your specific professional knowledge.

Our interview(s) are usually face to face and are mainly conducted by an HR representative and the hiring manager(s). If the applicant is not successful at the interview stage they will receive an e-mail.

Job offer

Successful candidates will receive a call/e-mail from HSBC Human Resources Department with an official job offer.

Internship programme

At HSBC we offer internship programmes to suit your career needs and to apply to at a certain stage of your university education. We recognise that having meaningful work experience will greatly increase your employment prospects, which is why our internship scheme is designed to give you as much exposure as possible to our business, operations and customers through not only learning but completing daily tasks and various projects.

The aim of the programme

Through the HSBC Internship Programme we aim to:

  • Provide you with an opportunity to use the workplace as an active learning environment. By becoming part of the team you gain hands-on experience of HSBC core businesses and operations under the close supervision of a dedicated line manager who always takes care of your on-the-job training and practical work
  • Assist you to obtain required practical experience and to complete your qualifications
  • Enable HR to compile a comprehensive database of prospective employees for future recruitment purposes. If you are successful you will be included in our resourcing reserve pot, hence getting the first priority in external hiring based on your skills and practical knowledge obtained during the internship

Brief description of the programme

Before you start your internship with HSBC you will attend an induction course and an orientation meeting organised by the HSBC HR team. This will be an excellent chance for you to get a view of the HSBC Group and HSBC Armenia, and in particular the values and business principles, code of conduct and core policies.

To make your internship worthwhile and mutually beneficial you will have the chance to get on-the-job training. You will get experience in our key business areas and enhance your knowledge of the financial services industry. At the same time, we will give you feedback on your performance to further enhance your skills and qualifications.

How to apply

We will periodically announce internship opportunities that will be available at a given time in the bank. Our announcements are usually published on our website, as well as on career portals, such as  and  We also send the announcements to the career centers of our partner educational institutions such as ATC, UFAR, AUA, YSU, ASUE, IAB.

You will need to complete our Internship Application Form (XLS 167KB) and send it to

Please write the internship role title on the subject line of your e-mail while applying.

Selection criteria

The following preliminary criteria must be met by interested applicants:

  • You should be able to participate in the program on full-time basis, i.e. 09:00-18:00 with a one-hour lunch break; although HSBC will show flexibility towards student interns who still have classes
  • You will be invited for our standard tests if you are successful in the first stage based on your application form. You must successfully complete our numerical reasoning test to pass to the next stage. Examples of the tests are available on 
  • The last stage is the face-to-face interview(s) with HR and the corresponding representative(s) from the hiring department

Terms and conditions

  • HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc will sign an internship contract with each successful candidate for three months, subject to be prolonged up to six months based on intern’s performance with no extension allowed unless an employment contract is offered
  • You will be paid the minimal salary of RA for each month of your internship with the bank
  • During a three to six-month internship you will be placed in one of our departments and will be a part of the team, gaining hands-on experience of our core business. A dedicated line manager will take care of your day-to-day training and operations
  • Upon completion of the programme you may receive a job offer based on your internship completion results and your suitability with the open position requirements

HSBC offers a truly global perspective that few other employers can match, along with extensive opportunities to learn and develop your skills

John Flint, HSBC Group Chief Executive

Note: In case of discrepancies between the Armenian and English versions of this page, the Armenian version shall prevail.

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