Regulatory information

The list of main legal acts regulating the provision of services by the bank is presented below:

  1. Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia
  2. RA Law "On Banks and banking"
  3. RA Law "On financial system ombudsman"
  4. RA Law "On bank secrecy"
  5. RA Law "On guaranteeing the remuneration of banking deposits of natural persons"
  6. RA Law "On attracting of banking deposits"
  7. RA Law "On consumer crediting"
  8. RA Law "On currency regulation and currency control"
  9. RA Law "On non-cash transactions"
  10. RA Law "On combating money laundering and terrorism financing"
  11. RA Law "On securities market"
  12. RA Law "On payment and settlement systems and payment and settlement companies"
  13. RA Law "On transfer of funds by payment orders"
  14. RA Law "On Residential Mortgage Credit"
  15. CBA Regulation 8/01 "On Explanations and Examples of the Calculation of Annual Percentage Rate of Charge" (CBA Board Resolution No 363-N dated 16.12.2008)
  16. CBA Regulation 8/02 "On the Calculation of Annual Percentage Yield of Bank Deposits"  (CBA Board Resolution No 165-N dated 02.06.2009)
  17. CBA Regulation "On Publication of Information by Financial Organizations and Financial Groups" CBA Regulation 8/03 (CBA Board Resolution No 166-N dated 02.06.2009)
  18. CBA Regulation 8/04 "On Minimum Conditions and Principles for Internal Rules, Regulating the Procedure of Examination of Complaints/Claims of Customers" (CBA Board Resolution No 225-N dated 28.07.2009)
  19. CBA Regulation 8/05 "On Rules of Business Conduct of Financial Institutions" (CBA Board Resolution No 229-N dated 28.07.2009)
  20. CBA Regulation 8/06 "Business Conduct Rules with Guarantors" (CBA Board Resolution No 176-N dated 04.08.2017)
  21. CBA Regulation "On establishment of a loan register- credit informational system  and procedure of participation of banks, credit companies and branches of foreign banks operating in the Republic of Armenia therein” (CBA Board Resolution N142-N dated 29.03.2005)
  22. CBA Regulation "On requirements on activities of entities carrying out investment activities" CBA Regulation 4/07 (CBA Board Resolution 113-N dated 08.04.2008)
  23. Regulation 5/15 on operation of Participants Register of the Mandatory Cumulative Pension funds and activities of account operators

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