HSBC in Armenia

The bank was established as a closed joint stock company under the name Midland Armenia Bank J.S.C. in 1996 and was renamed HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc in 1999. The bank is a joint venture between the HSBC Group, which has 70 per cent ownership, and an overseas Armenian businessman with 30 per cent ownership.

Corporate Sustainability

In line with HSBC Group’s Corporate Sustainability Strategy, HSBC Armenia has implemented numerous projects and activities from the first days of its operations in the country. Please read HSBC Armenia’s 2020 Community Report (PDF, 2.3MB).

Management team

Find out about our management team in Armenia.

Our mission and purpose in Armenia

HSBC Armenia is one of the country's leading banks. With 7 offices in Yerevan and around 310 employees, we serve around 30,000 customers through three Global Businesses: Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking and Global Banking and Markets.

The bank has assets of AMD 239 billion as of 31 December 2020.

Read about HSBC Armenia`s performance in 2020 in the Audited Annual Report and Accounts 2020 (PDF, 4.91 MB).

Financial information

Find details of annual statements and dividend payments on the Financial information page.

Regulatory information

For a list of the main legal acts regulating the provision of services, go to Regulatory information.

Shareholders of HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc

Name of the shareholder Address Size of shareholding Activity
HSBC Europe B.V. 8 Canada Square, London, 
E14 5HQ, United Kingdom

holding company

Wings Establishment Landstrasse 99, FL9494 Schaan, Liechtenstein 30% Management and investment of own assets

Shareholders’ rights

Please find announcement on Shareholders’ rights here (PDF, 105KB).


The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc will be held on 30 April 2021 at the main office of HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc located at 66 Teryan str., Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc

Annual remuneration details

Please find annual remuneration details (PDF, 186KB). This document is password protected. Shareholders (participants) of the company and regulatory bodies can contact us at to request a password.

Total loans and other advances

Please find details of total loans and other advances (PDF, 208KB).

Persons having indirect significant participation in the charter capital of the Bank

1. Griffin International Limited

The owner of 96.77% per cent of voting shares of HSBC Europe BV - direct significant participant of the Bank. Type of activities - holding company.

2. HSBC Bank plc

The company is considered to be indirect significant participant of HSBC Bank Armenia cjsc through HSBC Europe B.V. Type of activities - clearing bank and holding company.

3. Watche Manoukian

Mr. Manoukian has a possibility to predetermine the decisions of Wings Establishment - direct significant participant of the Bank. He is a London-based investor, commercial developer, philanthropist of international repute.

Company structure and corporate governance

Organisation chart (PDF, 29KB)

Simplified structure of HSBC Group (PDF, 20KB)

Charter (PDF, 198KB)

License (PDF, 162KB)

State Registry Certificate bank-registration (PDF, 106KB)

Performance evaluation criteria (PDF, 20KB)

Procedure on transactions with related parties (PDF, 14KB)

Code of Conduct (PDF, 701KB)

Policy Summary on Conflicts of Interest (PDF, 146KB)

General nature of intragroup transactions and investments

As a member of HSBC Group our bank is closely cooperating with other banks and financial institutions within the Group aiming to provide various and high quality services to our customers.

The main directions of intragroup transactions conducted by the bank are:

  • Opening and maintaining correspondent accounts
  • Interbank foreign exchange transactions
  • Providing and receiving interbank loans and deposit

For details about HSBC’s global operations, Group board members and financial results, go to our corporate website  Please note that this is English only.

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