We know that you are concerned with how your personal and financial information is dealt with. This privacy statement sets out our current policies and demonstrates our commitment to your financial privacy. We may change the content or services found on our Site at any time without notice, and consequently our privacy policy may change at any time in the future. You agree to revisit this page regularly and your continued access to or use of the Site will mean that you agree to the changes.

Privacy principles

To preserve the confidentiality of all information you provide to us, the Bank has adopted the following privacy principles:

  • The Bank only collects information that we believe to be relevant and required to understand your financial needs and to conduct our business
  • The Bank uses your information to provide you with better customer services and products
  • The Customer hereby authorizes the Bank to provide at its sole discretion and without prior notice to the Customer in accordance with the legislation of RoA to other banks and credit organizations, Deposit Insurance Fund any information at the latter's demand or at its own initiative, including bank references, concerning any and all bank accounts of the Customer with the Bank
  • The Bank may be required from time to time to disclose your information to Governmental or judicial bodies or agencies or our regulators, but we will only do so under proper authority
  • The Bank aims to keep your information up-to-date
  • The Bank maintains strict security systems designed to prevent unauthorised access to your information by anyone, including our staff
  • All HSBC Group companies, all our staff and all third parties with permitted access to your information are specifically required to observe our confidentiality obligations

By maintaining our commitment to these principles, we will ensure that we respect the inherent trust that you place in us.

The Bank shall be entitled for the purpose of data processing to provide to other banks and organizations as required by the legislation of RoA any information which became known to the latter in respect of rendering of services to the Customer and the Bank shall be liable for any breach of such legislative requirements.

Public areas of the site

When using the public portion of the Site you are not required to provide us with any personal information and we do not monitor or collect any personally identifiable information from you on your use of the public portions of the Site. We may track the number of users who visit areas of the Site, but this tracking will not identify you. We may also record the location of your computer on the Internet for systems administration and trouble shooting purposes and to report aggregate information.

Personal information

We maintain strict security standards and procedures with a view to preventing unauthorised access to your data by anyone, including our staff. We use leading technologies such as (but not limited to) data encryption, firewalls and server authentication to protect the security of your data. These principles apply to all HSBC Group companies and all our staff and whenever we hire third parties to provide support services, we will require them to observe our privacy standards and to allow us to audit them for compliance.

Note: In case of discrepancies between the Armenian and English versions of this page, the Armenian version shall prevail.

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